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Rocky Mountain Treatment Center (Great Falls, MT)

Rehab Centers – Our ideology is centered upon acknowledging addiction as a persistent, falling back mind problem identified by the compulsive use of drugs and alcohol. Therapy needs an alternative method based upon a biopsychosocial version of the treatment. This includes the physical, psychological, behavioral, family members, social, and also spiritual needs of the customer. Within Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, our customers are taken part in the real world activities and also quests, enabling each to face challenges, discover concepts, and also develop their structure for a flourishing and also long way of living of recovery.

Situated on the Missouri River in the heart of Great Falls, Mont., Rocky Mountain Treatment Center (RMTC) provides household therapy solutions for alcohol and also medicine addiction rehab in Montana. The size of keep may vary relying on specific requirements. However, the average program lasts Thirty Day. Co-occurring problems such as anxiousness and anxiety are likewise dealt with.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center | Great Falls

Rocky Mountain Treatment Spiritual Awareness

The spiritual growth of customers is necessary for their healing. Our personnel collaborates with clients and a member of the family regarding self-worth, self-awareness, as well as a feeling of purpose. Groups and also educational sessions are conducted on a frequently scheduled basis to help clients, as well as a member of the family, create a new spiritual recognition, with meditation daily.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center | Great Falls

Rocky Mountain Treatment Aftercare Assistance

Mindful, personalized proceeding treatment plans are established with client participation. The development of the plan starts throughout the first week of the client’s therapy and continues throughout his/her keep. The continuing treatment plan consists of a minimum of 12 weeks of outpatient follow-up plus routine participation at Twelve-Step conferences. We also organize other follow-up solutions such as psychological wellness, family members as well as physical wellness as part of the continuing treatment plan.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center | Great Falls

Rocky Mountain Treatment 12 Action Program

At Rocky Hill, the therapy process is based on a Twelve-Step Program. This consists of internal meetings, community conferences, step conferences and ideal reading as well as the conversation of various other Twelve-Step products.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Private Therapy

All clients meet their key therapist weekly for specific therapy. Extra sessions are supplied based on the needs of the customer.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Equine Therapy

Restorative communication with our steeds brings understanding to and helps create social abilities such as healthy limits, identifying feelings, and furnishing clients with the devices to enhance harmed communication skills. Our equine treatment program is developed and also run by a qualified dependency therapist, certified by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (COURSE Int’ l.).

Rocky Mountain Rehab Family Program

As our clients progress with their treatment, we offer a 3-day family members program to help instruct clients and also their families to comprehend addiction as an illness, effective trouble resolution and tools to build efficient support systems. Family members education and learning & treatment urge adjustment to a healthy self-image, clear communication with others, affection skills, a healthy value system, as well as the opportunity to trust as well as stay in a loving, caring way.

Rocky Mountain Rehab Team Treatment

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center performs small group treatment twice daily. The treatment is developed to assist the clients in enhancing stamina, along with address and also resolving uneasy sensations and issues. Our specialists bring years of experience as well as are accredited addiction counselors, in taking care of chemical dependence and various other dependencies. They utilize a wide series of healing strategies identified by customized needs of the customers.

Rocky Mountain Rehab Recreational Therapy

Recreational Treatment aids customers to establish and broaden their psychological connections in order to help them create a new, healthy and balanced & effective way of living free from your old patterns and routines. Fitness is a fundamental element in physical health and wellness, self-confidence, leisure as well as social activities. These are all vital elements in continuous healing.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center Emphasizes

  • Equine Treatment.
  • Family members Program.
  • Leisure Therapy.
  • Team & Person Therapy.
  • Spiritual Awareness.
  • Reflection.
  • Designated Smoking Areas.
  • Family Team Counseling.
  • Household Education and learning.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center Therapy & Evaluation

Treatment at Rocky Mountain is holistic as well as based upon a biopsychosocial design of care. According to the facility’s internet site, the program acknowledges and deals with addiction as a “persistent, slipping back brain problem identified by compulsive use alcohol and drugs.”.

The program is 12-step based and offers conferences both on- and off-campus. Clients likewise take part in action work and also normal readings from AA’s Big Book. Private therapy sessions are set up when per week, with the alternative to signing up for more if needed. Group treatment sessions are held multiple times weekly, and also spiritual awareness workshops and also dependency education and learning courses are additionally used. A family program is permitted to loved ones and includes an education and learning workshop, specific counseling, as well as team treatment.

Recreation is one more fundamental part of therapy at RMTC, and the bordering hills, grassy levels, and open Montana skies supply the ideal background for outside activity. Locals can participate in equine and nature treatment, go on hiking trips to nearby state parks and lakes, as well as take part in various other leisure and also social activities.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center | Great Falls

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center Team Qualifications

The therapy group consists of a clinical director, certified dependencies counselors, a licensed practical nurse, an instance manager, as well as an equine therapist and also therapist.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center | Great Falls

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center Lodgings & Amenities

Establish inside a recovered historical three-story building bordered by a sizable lawn; the 35-bed facility uses shared areas as well as a public dining-room. There is likewise a seasonal outdoor deck, in addition to a volleyball internet and also resting area on the grass.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center Financing

The Center accepts most private insurance coverage, including Blue Cross/Blue Guard.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center (Great Falls, MT)


920 4th Ave N
Great Falls, MT 59401


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Wilderness Treatment Center (Marion, MT)

Rehab Centers – Wilderness Treatment Center supplies residential addiction therapy for a teenager and also teenage males between the ages of 14 and 24. Wilderness treatment consists of experiential experience therapy, 12-Step solutions, family members programming, personalized preparation, medical guidance, and more. Customers are provided the opportunity to earn senior high school credit ratings while taking part in therapy. Courses supplied consist of athletics, English, social research studies, as well as psychology.

Situated along the western inclines of the Rocky Mountains on a 5,900-acre functioning ranches, the Wilderness Treatment Center (WTC) is a residential compound rehabilitation for teenagers and boys ages 14 to 24. The program combines a conventional 30-day rehab remain with a 16- to 21-day restorative wilderness event. Co-occurring psychological health and wellness concerns are also attended to. However, there are no detox solutions on-site– clients have to be clinically gotten rid of before beginning treatment rehab in Montana.

Wilderness Treatment Center | Rehab Centers

Family Members Wilderness Treatment Programs

The study shows that the probabilities of successful, sustained healing from dependency are far greater when a member of the family and loved ones are involved in treatment. Alcohol and drug addiction usually have genetic roots, whether related to wilderness drug rehab, mental disease or both. Family dynamics also play a role, and also, usually, a member of the family are the first to recognize a loved one has developed a dependency. Likewise, it is essential for a member of the family to recognize and also welcome the way of life adjustments that are required to maintain recovery.

Wilderness Treatment Center | Rehab Centers

12-Step Wilderness Treatment Programs

Wilderness drug rehab term “12 Action Program” describes a way to recoup from addiction that is based on the design developed by Twelve step programs. Lots of drug and alcohol therapy facilities base their treatment on 12 actions– the initial 3 of which are situational, the following four dealing with the practical issues produced by the addiction, followed by 2 actions focused on apologizing for hurting others. Steps 10 and also 11 involve a deeper evaluation of the previous steps, as well as the last action, is focused on helping others prevent and also recover from addiction.

Wilderness Treatment Center

Wilderness Treatment Center | Rehab Centers

Household Wilderness Treatment Programs

The study shows that the chances of successful, continual healing from addiction are far greater when relative and also loved ones are associated with therapy. Alcohol and drug dependency often have hereditary origins, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family members characteristics additionally play a role as well as, typically, family members are the initial to understand a loved one has created an addiction. Also, it is essential for a member of the family to comprehend and also embrace the lifestyle modifications that are required to maintain recovery.

Wilderness Treatment Center | Rehab Centers

Wilderness Treatment Center Cognitive Behavior modification (CBT).

The focus of cognitive behavioral therapy (likewise called CBT) is one of wilderness treatment programs helping individuals to comprehend the thoughts and also emotions that underlie their addiction with the objective of finding out brand-new, healthier and also a lot more effective methods to recognize and also share themselves.

Wilderness Treatment Center | Rehab Centers


Wilderness Treatment Center | Rehab Centers

Wilderness Treatment Center Therapy & Analysis

Inning accordance with the website, the family-owned, 12-step-minded center bases its treatment model on “the therapeutic journey from discovery to recuperation.” Throughout the first 30 days, clients survive the ranch and also participate in restorative treatments such as group therapy, specific therapy, psycho-educational talks, and also 12-step conferences both on- and also off-site. They likewise take part in activities such as hiking, equine assisted treatment, rock climbing, as well as ropes courses. All citizens are designated tasks, with jobs ranging from having a tendency the land and also feeding pets, to woodworking and assisting in the kitchen.

After the very first month, customers head out right into the hills for a 21-day wilderness resort, accompanied by among the addiction counselors as well as a wild trainer. There they are confronted with the obstacles of living without personal comforts and are educated the best ways to camp as well as make their food. Customers continuously participate in team and also individual treatment while camping. When the 3 weeks are up, the team goes back to the cattle ranch and also invests the remainder of their remain refining their wilderness experience and also preparing for discharge.

Loved ones may take part in a specialized family members week, and also customers still in high school could make approximately 2.5 school credit scores using instructional training courses.

Wilderness Treatment Center Montana

Wilderness Treatment Center Staff Qualifications

The facility has a staff-to-client ratio of 1:5, and the clinical group consists of a clinical supervisor, a consulting psychotherapist, and licensed dependency therapists. All wilderness treatment teachers are licensed wilderness initially -responders.

Wilderness Treatment Center | Rehab Centers

Wilderness Treatment Center Lodging & Conveniences

Originally built in 1924, the 35-bed cattle ranch homes residents in rustic, single-level log cabins. At the time of this writing of Rehab Centers, two provided the facility five from five stars for lodging as well as facilities, and one provided the center four out of five stars.

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Wilderness Treatment Center Financing

Fees average $425 daily and also personal insurance policy is approved.

Wilderness Treatment Center


200 Hubbart Dam Road
Marion, MT 59925