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Behavioral Rehabilitation Services (Harrison, MI)

Rehab Centers – Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is an all-inclusive high-end as well as exec dependency therapy facility. Submersed in 80 acres of tranquil woodlands outside of Harrison, Mich. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is a luxury, property program designed to treat people having a problem with chemical reliance with both evidence-based and different therapy techniques. Medically-supervised detoxing is offered on-site.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services | Rehab Centers

All Natural Treatment

Facilities that provide “holistic therapy” see as well as deal with people in the context of their entire lives as well as health and wellness standing. They deal with the “whole person,” not simply the dependency.


The term “12 Step Program” describes a means to recuperate from addiction that is based upon the version created by Twelve step programs. Numerous alcohol and drug treatment centers base their treatment on 12 steps– the first 3 of which are situational, the following four addressing the useful problems produced by the addiction, followed by two steps focused on apologizing for injuring others. Steps 10 and 11 include a further evaluation of the previous steps, as well as the final action, is focused on aiding others to avoid as well as recover from addiction.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services | Rehab Centers

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services Client & Family Support system

Team therapy is an essential component of dependency recovery treatment, considered as essential as well as efficient (sometimes much more so) compared to individual treatment. Advantages consist of reducing isolation and also isolation as well as supplying the possibility to pick up from others in recuperation. In the addiction setting, group treatment is run by trained experts that direct participants towards a common objective of recovery.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services | Rehab Centers

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services Detox

Though not all rehab facilities supply “medical cleansing,” all individuals with a dependency to medicines or alcohol will certainly experience intense physical as well as psychological adjustments and pain as their bodies respond to withdrawal of the addictive material. Many individuals use the term “detoxification” to refer to the amount of time (ranging from a couple of days to a week) when the body is reacting to an addict’s decision to stop utilizing.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services Facility Emphasizes

  • Nourishment Focused
  • 80-acre Retreat
  • Massage therapy, Aromatherapy, Yoga exercise & Acupuncture
  • Fitness
  • Personal Cook
  • Vitamins, Minerals as well as Amino Treatment
  • Faith-based and also Traditional Recovery

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services | Rehab Centers

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services Therapy & Evaluation

To make certain the most reliable therapy, Behavioral Rehabilitation Services’ programming is totally personalized to the requirements of its customers. People could initially undertake an initial behavioral wellness assessment to recognize these needs. BRS incorporates evidence-based therapy techniques, peer-led support networks (12-Step, SMART Healing), and all natural treatments to help clients achieve soberness and furnish individuals with the tools essential to suffer a sobriety.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services

Utilizing cognitive behavior modification, Behavioral Rehabilitation Services facilitates the group and also individually counseling sessions to help customers determine web links in between unreasonable reasoning as well as habit forming behavior. Loved ones are motivated to take part in household therapy sessions. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services additionally supplies spiritual recovery courses, which includes religiously-based group treatment meetings.

In addition to counseling, clients take part in yoga exercise sessions, meditation sessions, massage therapy, aromatherapy, and also acupuncture. Customers are allotted time to work out in a fitness center and also get mineral and also vitamin programs to deal with dietary shortage triggered by addiction. To help guarantee self-sufficiency after discharge, Behavioral Rehabilitation Services additionally offers customers financial training, which includes workshops on budgeting, clever investing, as well as boosting earnings.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services | Rehab Centers

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services Team Qualifications

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services employs a highly-qualified team of substance misuse counselors, family therapists, entertainment specialists, an exclusive cook, a nutritional expert, as well as a 24-hour support staff. The four individuals surveyed by at the time of this composing provided an ideal first-class rating for the therapy personnel’s level of experience and training.

Michigan Rehab Lodging & Services

Set on 80 acres of wooded land and also bordered by 20 lakes, Behavioral Rehabilitation Services provides high-end features submerged in a therapeutic, natural environment. Customers enjoy private bedrooms with flat-screen TVs, personal bathrooms, and also are enabled to bring individual laptops and also cellular phone to make use of during defined times.

The center showcases a gym and also a gym, exclusive movie theater, six tracking routes, medical spa as well as yoga rooms, a songs studio, and also an on-site sauna. The four individuals questioned by at the time of this writing all supplied perfect five-star ratings for the center’s tidiness and upkeep, as well as its exercise and pastime.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services Financing

There is currently no details supplied on the facility’s website regarding its prices.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services


355 W Mannsiding Rd
Harrison, MI 48625


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Serenity Rehab (Marne, MI)

Rehab Centers – Serenity Rehab offers a variety of therapy options such as WISE recovery, which takes a clinical as well as a nonreligious approach to treatment and also integrates behavior strategies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Logical Stirring Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Improvement Treatment and also Motivational Interviewing. Serenity also offers therapy in interaction, taking duty, getting rid of “misaligned” reasoning, and life abilities training.

Situated in a beautiful, peaceful edge of Grand Rapids, Mich., Serenity Rehab is a residential chemical abuse therapy center for grown-up males and females. Detoxification services are provided on-site.

Serenity Rehab | Rehab Centers

Serenity Rehab All Natural Treatment (Serenity Center)

Facilities that provide “holistic treatment” see and also deal with people in the context of their entire lives and also health and wellness status. They deal with the “whole individual,” not simply the addiction.

Serenity Rehab | Rehab Centers

Serenity Rehab Aftercare Assistance (Serenity Springs)

Addiction healing does not finish with discharge after finishing a rehab program. Facilities that provide aftercare preparation and assistance work with patients to guarantee sustainable recuperation by assisting in planning and making plans for transitional or sober living, aid with real estate, employment counseling, etc

Serenity Rehab | Rehab Centers

Serenity Rehab Innovative Arts Treatment

Writing, making art or engaging in cinema can be deeply healing for individuals working to recover from dependency. Numerous centers supply one or numerous forms of innovative art therapy as a method to help people discover how to reveal their feelings in productive methods.

Serenity Rehab | Rehab Centers

Serenity Rehab

Serenity Rehab Detoxification

Though not all rehabilitation facilities offer “medical cleansing,” all individuals with an addiction to medications or alcohol will certainly experience extreme physical and psychological adjustments as well as pain as their bodies react to the withdrawal of the addicting compound. Many people make use of the term “detoxification” to describe the period (varying from a few days to a week) while the body is responding to an addict’s decision to quit using.

Serenity Rehab | Rehab Centers

Serenity Rehab Therapy & Assesment

Therapy at Serenity Rehab is very personalized, and also the facility takes a nonreligious, clinical strategy to dependency by making use of evidence-based techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), sensible stirring behavior modification, and motivational interviewing.

Treatment largely adheres to the SMART Recuperation program, a preferred choice for the traditional 12-step version. Though optional, Serenity Rehab also motivates customers to incorporate spirituality right into their recuperation procedure, which they say could “offer a sense of significance, satisfaction and also hope, increase self-esteem and confidence, aid in creating deep connections,” and also “offer toughness when handling a loss or with an addiction.”

Other elements of treatment include gender-specific procedure groups, music treatment, and also life abilities workshops, as well as regular physical fitness and also alternative chances including yoga, meditation, and also fitness center gain access to.

Serenity Rehab | Rehab Centers

Serenity Rehab Staff Credentials

The treatment group includes certified practicing therapists, certified marital relationship as well as family members therapists, licensed master’s degree social workers, as well as situation supervisors.

Serenity Rehab | Rehab Centers

Serenity Lodge Rehab

The household school supplies clients with comfy, dorm-style rooms that are shared or personal. Facilities include an on-site health club, jacuzzi, basketball court, as well as game room.

Serenity Rehab Financing

Serenity Rehab accepts some personal insurance policy strategies.

Serenity Rehab


15140 16th Ave,
Marne, MI 49435


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