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Harbor Recovery Center (Fort Smith, AR)

Rehab Centers – Harbor Recovery Center or Harbor House, as it was called after that, for therapy to eliminate the suffering from addiction. It was after that, as well as continues to be, a safe harbor for hope as well as recovery.

The therapy program at Harbor Recovery Center not only fulfills, but it also surpasses the high standards set by recognizing and licensing firms that need evidence-based methods as well as person-centered therapy. The program mixes the traditional 12-step recovery version with evidence-based cognitive behavioral and also motivational enhancement treatment with sophisticated techniques such as Eye Activity Desensitization and also Reprocessing for trauma-focused therapy as well as hypnosis for stress and anxiety decrease.

The male therapists that deliver the therapy services have a minimum of 7 years of experience as substance abuse counselors. They each have abilities as well as skill sets that contribute to a uniquely combined multidisciplinary treatment team.

Harbor Recovery Center | Fort Smith

The Foundation idea comes from the base rock embedded in the construction of a Roman arc, one of the toughest building structures in history. All various other stones will be set in this stone. A Scientific research study from the National Institute on Substance abuse and years of practical experience– informs us that the longer a recuperating addict continues to be in therapy, the most likely he is to be successful in continuing to be abstinent.

Transitional living prolongs treatment by giving a sober living setting– a home free of unfavorable impacts. Citizens could live up to two years in Foundation. Keystone is a house for recovering males functioning to cultivate their new way of living as satisfied, productive people.

Harbor Recovery Center | Fort Smith

Harbor Recovery Center | Fort Smith

Homeowners are protected by 1 Day protection and also are monitored by video clip monitoring. There is a recently renovated cooking area, dining, as well as laundry centers. Transitional Living offers single, double, and three-way occupancy.

Often we need help when it is time to make a modification. If currently is the moment for change for you, we are below for you. Our goal is to provide a safe harbor of hope and healing for those men and women dealing with dependency. We treat the whole person– body, mind, as well as spirit, providing evidence-based treatment targeted to your one-of-a-kind demands.

Harbor Residential Treatment

A household method provides the client a structured, risk-free atmosphere created to deal with the entire individual, including any co-occurring problems such as depression, anxiety, and also personality disorders. We offer separated men’s (Harbor Recovery Center) as well as ladies’ (Portal Healing Facility) campus to more encourage concentrate on recuperation.

Our therapy program mixes the standard 12-step recuperation model with proof based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), inspirational enhancement therapy MET and adjunctive therapies such as Eye Movement Desensitization as well as Reprocessing (EMDR), hypnosis, as well as mindfulness. We make use of strategies that benefit the individual.

Harbor Recovery Center | Fort Smith

The clinical team is trained and also knowledgeable to attend to uncontrollable as well as suicidal habits. Our goal is to support clients to be brought back to their finest self, with an even higher quality of life compared to before going into therapy.

Our newly modified and also improved property treatment schedule includes:

  • A minimum of 6 hours per day of extremely interactive group counseling
  • A minimum of one hour per week of private therapy
  • A minimum 3 hrs each week in exercise
  • A comprehensive assessment of clinical depression, stress, and anxiety, personality disorder, PTSD, as well as quality of life
  • A minimum of 5 hrs per week of 12 Step Research study, AA/NA, Celebrate Healing, and a secular recovery support system
  • The choice of a phased shift from domestic to partial residential/work, to transitional living in a chemical-free home
  • A minimum of one time per week of household psychoeducation, therapy, and visitation

Harbor Outpatient Therapy Program

Sometimes a comprehensive analysis will suggest that outpatient therapy is the best area to begin in the roadway to recovery. There are many needs to start here– depending upon the degree of the addiction, as well as the length of time the customer has been addicted. Outpatient solutions permit the client to proceed his or her existing level of dedication to family, work, college. Outpatient treatment does not give the safe harbor far from the unfavorable impacts their current environment could hold. However, Harbor Recovery Center. does provide a network of healing assistance via individual therapy, group therapy, household counseling, and also self-help groups of others in healing.

Ome customers begin by providing outpatient solutions a try, then make a decision property treatment would certainly be much more reliable. Alternatively, they choose intensive outpatient services Whatever your option, your therapist could help with those decisions.

Harbor Intensive Outpatient

Intensive outpatient has likewise been referred to day treatment, consists of a minimum of 9 hours of individual and group counseling– 3 hrs a day for three days a week, for a minimum of 6 weeks, with 10-12 week training course of treatment more likely. This routine permits the client to preserve work or school timetable, and stay in their home while working on the goal of abstaining.

Clients will find out and exercise dealing skills, specifically ways to take care of the urges to drink or utilize, regardless of the sometimes devasting negative effects. Relapse prevention plans are crafted taking into account the client’s one-of-a-kind circumstances.

The study reveals that household support can make the distinction between effective abstaining as well as relapse. Harbor Residence, Inc. provides help for family members. Knowing exactly what is valuable, and not so helpful, understanding how family members can assist calm the mind, as well as shared recovery in between family members, are all important ingredients of the extensive outpatient program.

Harbor Specialized Solutions

Harbor Discomfort Monitoring

The psychological element of a multidisciplinary method to handling chronic discomfort has demonstrated exceptional results. People report boosted functioning and power levels than with pain medications alone. Although the rejection of pain is not the objective, considering that discomfort functions as a vital message to the brain, alleviation is possible with cognitive therapy and also with hypnotherapy to boost relaxation.

Many of our customers that have become addicted to discomfort medicines have been able to considerably reduce while maximizing the advantages of their recommended discomfort medication. Our organized therapy method frameworks discomfort as a stress-related disorder as well as aids clients reorganize their cognitions and also provides coping skills to handle pain.

Harbor Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Around 60 percent of males in our country have encountered at least one major traumatic event in their lives while HALF of the females have faced a significant stressful occasion. Significant traumatic occasions called big Ts consist of seeing a murder or other physical assault, victim of a sexual or physical assault, battle, a significant mishap, an all-natural catastrophe, or a terrorist assault. Of that 60 percent of men, 8% establish PTSD as well as of the 51% of women, that have experienced injury, 20% establish PTSD.

Extremely commonly, the target of a traumatic occasion looks to alcohol or various other medicines to numb the pain of traumatic memories.

Aid is available. At Harbor Recovery Center., we first supply a detailed evaluation to recognize the presence of PTSD. We then use reliable, evidence-based therapy such as cognitive processing treatment to assist you to comprehend how your thoughts about the injury aid maintain you stuck, as well as the best ways to transform those thoughts and feelings. We additionally use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to assist process the distressing event.


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