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Rehab Centers is a website that gives all the information about the place and the latest updates of rehab centers, we provide information on rehabilitation as:

  • Rehabilitation (neuropsychology), treatment to gain back or improve neurocognitive feature that has been shed or reduced
  • Rehabilitation (wildlife), therapy of hurt wildlife so they can be returned to the wild
  • Medicine rehabilitation, clinical or psychotherapeutic therapy for dependence on compounds such as alcohol and drugs
  • Work rehabilitation, treatment to return injured employees to a proper degree of work task
  • Physical medication and also rehabilitation, a branch of medicine that intends to improve and bring back practical capacity to those with physical impairments or handicaps
  • Physical therapy, physical rehabilitation making use of mechanical force and also movement
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation, a branch of psychiatry taking care of restoration of psychological health and life skills after mental disorder
  • Vision Rehab, improve vision or low vision
  • Occupation rehabilitation, procedure which enables persons with problems or handicaps to maintain or return to work or line of work

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